History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, 1879.

Valley Paper Company

The Valley Paper Company

These mills are located on the elbow of the second-level canal, near the bridge. The main building, built in 1864, is of brick, three tories high,with attic and basement, and has a central wing extending toward the river, which was erected in 1877. The attic and upper stories are used for drying the freshly-made sheet, and the second floor is occupied as a rag-packing department and office. The mill is supplied with seven 450-pound engines and six sets of calendars, a 62-inch Fourdrinier, a 2 1/2-ton bleach-boiler, and the only Piper's new patent double-ruling machine made.

The enterprise was founded originally by Mr. David M. Butterfield, formerly a finisher at Parsons' mill. It manufactures fine writing and envelope papers, and has a capacity of 2 1/2 tons per day.

The officers of the company are Broughton Alvord, President; J.C. Parsons, Agent; and J.S. McElwain,Treasurer.

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