History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, 1879.

The Parsons Paper Company..

The first company formed for the manufacture of paper in Holyoke was what is known as the "Parsons Paper Company," named from its treasurer and agent, Mr. J.C. Parsons, who is a veteran in the manufacture, having been in the business nearly 40 years, beginning as manager of the Ames Paper Company at Northampton. The buildings of this company are situated on the river-bank near the dam, and were built in 1853. They are two in number,--the main mill, where the paper is made, and what is known as the finishing-mill, where it is finished. The former is a structure three stories and a basement high. The upper floor and attic are devoted to drying purposed, while the second story contains the storehouse and rag-rooms. About 175 persons are employed on the two floors. On the ground-floor is the engine-room, which contain sixteen 450-pound and fourteen 250-pound engines. The mill has three Fourdrinier machines, two of them are 62-inch and the other 72-inch. It has two bleach-boilers, of 3 1/2 and 2 1/2 tons respectively, and 4 sheet calendars and a web calendar and 2 hydraulic presses.

Parsons Office and Finishing-Mills, Holyoke

Office and Finishing-Mills, Holyoke

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